Delivering a Sustainable Transport System ? planning for 2014 and beyond

MAG UK is very disappointed to see that the Government’s report on sustainable transport has virtually excluded motorcycles.

The report entitled ‘Delivering a Sustainable Transport System – planning for 2014 and beyond’ deals with a range of transport options but motorcycles are scarcely mentioned.

Part of MAG’s strategy for deflecting unsympathetic legislation aimed at motorcyclists has been to argue for the promotion of motorcycling within a sustainable transport system. In the course of this MAG have argued that motorcycles reconcile the need for flexible personal transport with the conservation of both fuel and road space. Key to this strategy was the creation of a body, ‘The Government Advisory Group on Motorcycling’ to which MAG had direct access. This group was established in response to MAG’s campaign ‘Bikers Are Voters’ which ran in the lead up to the 1997 General Election.

MAG credit its access to this group with much of its success in deflecting potential draconian legislation aimed at motorcycles. MAG has consistently resisted attempts to marginalise motorcycling as a fringe activity which represents a problem for politicians rather than an elegant solution to mobility challenges in crowded urban environments.

To now find that a major report has once again practically excluded power two wheeled vehicles is a retrograde step which MAG now seeks to expose and address. 

MAG is calling upon its members to contact their MPs to question why such a sustainable form of transport has not been included in any detail. 

MAG reminds all riders with web access that most MPs can be identified and contacted via the website

For further information contact: 
Nich Brown (01788 570066 or 
Ian Mutch (020 8556 6495