Deputy Chair of TfL joins MAG as full member!

Daniel Moylan Deputy Chair of Transport for London is pictured above joining MAG at the Ace Café, with Dr Leon Mannings (left) and Simon Mouncey.

Daniel is in favour of bikes in bus lanes and recognises the value of motorcycles in addressing London’s congestion and pollution issues. It is a demonstration of how respected MAG is as a lobby organisation that Daniel, who works so closely with Boris Johnson, has joined MAG, along with other luminaries like Roads Minister Mike Penning.

Daniel Moylan, along with the Green Mayoral candidate and London Assembly member Shahrar Ali, came to the ACE Cafe just off the A406 North Circular, to witness the rebirth of MAG in London.  Shahrar said: “This was a terrific opportunity for the Greens to demonstrate that we are not anti-motorcycle, by explaining how our joined-up approach to traffic reduction and combating air pollution would benefit all bikers. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with the bikers at their iconic Ace Cafe, smack in the middle of the borough where I live.”

London MAG will be meeting 2nd Tuesday of every month at the ACE, who are themselves MAG Corporate supporters. If you live in the area pop along from 7.30pm, meet Simon, the driving force behind the London MAG rebirth. The 8th of May is the next scheduled meet.