DfT ‘Think!’ Rural Speed Campaign

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG UK) supports the new Government ‘Think!’ campaign to raise motorist’s awareness of the dangers of speeding on rural roads.

The campaign highlights that in rural areas accidents often involve single vehicles suggesting that drivers are travelling in excess of the speed limit or travelling too fast for conditions. In 2006 325 car drivers were killed on rural roads.

As vulnerable road users motorcyclists are often the victims of dangerous, careless and aggressive driving which is exacerbated when that driver behaviour takes place on narrow roads with high hedgerows and limited visibility.

Motorcyclists too need to recognise that roads are not race tracks and that having an accident in remote rural areas is further complicated because of access problems and distances the emergency services have to travel. It is a sobering thought that you are three times more likely to die in an accident on a rural road than an urban one.

MAG’s Campaign Manager, David Short, says “Motorcyclists are often branded as using rural roads as race tracks but it is clear from the Governments own evidence that it goes much wider and that this is as much a problem with dangerous and careless car drivers.”

“I would advise all motorcyclist’s to heed the campaign’s advice and drive within the speed limits and at an appropriate speed for the road and traffic conditions. Unlike race tracks which have huge run-off areas with marshals and medics on standby, the rural roads have no such immediate support by the emergency services and dry stone walls and trees offer little ‘give’ in the event of an impact!”

“Advanced training courses or assessments such as the excellent police run Bike Safe courses will give riders a better appreciation of hazards and improved riding skills.”


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