‘Don’t Look See’ Campaign

From Transport for London (TfL) – The aim here is to tackle one of the most common causes of fatalities – where a vehicle turns right into or across the path of the motorcycle, scooter or moped.

The key message – watch out, be aware at junctions – is targeted at riders of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds as well as car drivers.

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Listen to the March 2008 radio advert:

Motorcycle safety radio advertisement (MP3 – 493KB) Here

TfL motorcycle safety advertising campaign webpage Here

How Close Is Too Close?

In 2006 the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG UK) in collaboration with motorcycle trainer, Duncan MacKillop, investigated the cause of accidents involving cars and motorcycles at T junctions.

This was in order to have a better understanding of this specific type of accident, the ?Sorry Mate I Didn?t See You? accidents or SMIDSYs, which regularly leads to the death or serious injury of motorcyclists.

The result of this collaboration was the MAG document ?How Close is Too Close??

The document provided solutions for avoidance and evasion strategies for motorcyclists.

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