Driver killed motorway biker by slowing to just 10mph – Update

MAG is disappointed that the Attorney General has decided not to revisit the lenient sentencing of a motorist whose actions led to the death of a motorcyclist.

Newspaper reports state that Mark Walsh, 43, slammed on his brakes near a slip-road, causing 41-year-old Peter Sarchet behind him to lose control of his bike after the front wheel locked when he had to brake hard.

Walsh received a sentence of just 20 months for an action that would appear to have been deliberately malicious.

MAG considers that where the courts make a decision that is clearly likely to arouse concerns about disproportionate treatment, a degree of responsibility to explain that decision is necessary to sustain confidence in the justice system.

MAG suspects that motorcyclists are treated less sympathetically by the courts and for the attorney general to uphold a suspiciously lenient sentence without any explanation, represents contempt for public sensibilities.

MAG has written to the attorney general again to pursue this point.

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