DSA close another test facility- for ‘health and safety reasons’

The DSA have closed the Mod 1 test site in Hastings. This site was known as a ‘casual’ site, or one of the fillers used in an attempt to provide test access to more parts of the country, after their 2009 decision to close all the venues where novices previously had an opportunity to take their test.

They are transferring those who were booked to take their test, to the main test centre in Burgess Hill, a distance of some 40 miles.

The knock on effect is that all those novices and training schools who were booked to use the Burgess Hill facility for weekend practise sessions, have now been told that they can’t, for the forseeable future.

Officials have said that leaves appear to have fallen on the ground, which must have caught them off guard this autumn. No one has a brush so the Hastings site is being closed with immediate effect, and the DSA appear incapable of apologising to all those training schools and novices whose plans have been disrupted with 3 days notice.

At this point, there are few involved in rider training that are surprised at the DSA’s appalling behaviour. The 6 month Ministerial Review into the crisis in rider training which the DSA created, heads towards its third year…