DSA demonstrate innovation

Given all the problems that motorcycling has endured lately as a result of the DSA interpretation and then implementation of the 2nd EU Driving Licence Directive, it’s fantastic to see the DSA really pushing the boat out to make test availability convenient for all.

For all car drivers that is.

Where motorcycling has seen test availability reduced by nearly 75% and accessibility seriously curtailed by the introduction of new MPTCs as special venues to do the first Module of the motorcycle test, the DSA is doing what it can to improve the situation for car drivers, with their idea of choosing Halfords shops as venues from which to conduct a car test.

They are also discussing the idea with Universities and Fire Services who at certain times, have underused premises, and it is refreshing to see the DSA being so very proactive and ‘thinking outside the box’, ‘taking the initiative’ etc etc Innovation par excellence!

Compare this to the obstacles that they can find every time suggestions are made for premises on which to conduct slow manoeuvres on the bike test. But Universities as centres of learning, are something I’d never considered…

If we were cynical we’d think that there were Double Standards Afoot, but then it’s probably just being handled by a different department within the Agency.