DSA up to date on motorcycle technology!

The DSA have just released the bikes that they have approved as test suitable for the new licensing categories that come into force Jan 19th 2013.

Interestingly they state:

“For machines not on this list or where an individual machine has been restricted to comply with the minimum test vehicle requirements it will be accepted for test providing certified proof of compliance or restriction is available for the examiner.

Unfortunately they haven’t managed to include any bikes from those barely known manufacturers, HONDA and BMW, but as a way of proving how closely they keep their fingers on the pulse of motorcycling, you’ll be delighted to know that a Brough Superior is an approved A2 test vehicle…. I expect hundreds of learners will be using one of those!

Please note that since this news article was written, the DSA have realised their incompetence and have now provided a much more comprehensive list of bikes which can be used during the test for the new licence categories. Interestingly they also provide a list of bikes which are not suitable, though it doesn’t specify what they are unsuitable for, so it seems a little superfluous. 250cc bikes for example, haven’t been test approved for some time….

See the whole list here: