Edward Leigh MP Apologies to Motorcyclists

Commons Select Committee Press Release:

The chairman of the Committee of Public Accounts, Edward Leigh MP, has issued a statement on the evasion of Vehicle Excise Duty.

He said he wished to apologise to motorcyclists and offer them an explanation.

“I apologize to motorcyclists and wish to offer an explanation.”

“They have been concerned over the Public Accounts Committee findings (published in January 2008) on evasion of road tax in 2006-07 which were based on national statistics provided by the Department for Transport. “

“The Department did not, however, give us all of the information we needed. “

“It did not make the Committee aware at our hearing last year that a new, more accurate methodology was already being used to produce estimates of rates of road tax evasion for the year 2007-08, nor that it could have implications for the accuracy of the previous year’s estimates upon which the Committee had to rely. “

“I am writing to the Department to seek an explanation. “



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