EU supplementary Impact Assessment Released!

The extra EU Impact Assessment we’ve been waiting for, has been released. Although we have not yet reviewed it in detail, from a first read, the cost benefit analysis is negative for all three IMCO proposals.

This adds great strength to our campaign. This document will be discussed during the next session of IMCO Committee on 28th February from 0955 to 1035 (brussels time- an hour ahead).

Only three subject areas of the Proposed Regulation on Type Approval and Market Surveillance were subject to this assessment; ABS, OBD and emissions timetabling.

On ABS, it is interesting to note the study says “In conditions of low traction (off-road) ABS can increase stopping distance.”

It also says “ABS potentially has a negative impact on rider safety in certain accident configurations that are specific to motorcycle accidents” and they acknowledge accident risk may be increased due to overconfidence of riders who misunderstand the capabilities of advanced braking systems. A classic case of ‘Risk Compensation’.

It is considered that ABS will cost 500 Euro per machine, which is even more than the UK study assessed at the end of last year. MAG is not and never has been anti-ABS but continues to believe that it should not been seen as a panacea should be the rider’s right to choose.

It is an 88 page document and we will bring you further analysis, but this is very positive support for our stance on the issues.