Fancy a day in the Surrey Woodlands?

Azcari have access to the Bagshot Test Area courtesy of the Blue Light Off-Road Club for a day of excellent riding in this Surrey woodland. Sunday 2nd October, 9am- 6pm

Bring your bike and try a few challenges, easy on the rider and bike.

The day is for off- road bikes, from Big Trailies (with knobbly tyres) to Enduro bikes.

Azcari have set up some tasks to test your skills and your bike’s ability, as well as a navigation event. It is not a race or competition, just a day of riding at the Bagshot facility.

If this is your first time off road please let them know and they will be more than happy to assist you with some training and guidance.

In addition Azcari will have a few Husqvarna demo bikes at the event for you to try out, but bring your license!

There will be a burger van and the necessary facilities to make your day enjoyable.

The fee will be £40 for the whole day, this covers the cost of land hire and insurance.

Numbers are limited so please book early.
To book you place please got to:     or