FEMA Elects New President

The Federation of European Motorcyclists? Associations (FEMA) warmly welcomes Hans Petter Strifeldt as its new President.

The former Chairman of the Norsk Motorcykkel Union (NMCU) was unanimously elected by FEMA’s national members at their Annual General Meeting on Saturday 2 February.

Hans Petter replaces Kees Meijer, who after five successful years (2003-2008) as FEMA’s President decided to step down from the position. He leaves with the belief that FEMA is evolving in the right direction and is confident regarding FEMA’s future.

The election at the Annual General Meeting was a first for FEMA, as Hans Petter flight was cancelled due to a snowstorm in Norway he could not attend the meeting in Brussels, nevertheless he managed to communicate with FEMA’s members via webcam.

Hans Petter is also the first FEMA President coming from a country which is not a member of the European Union. However, he clearly sees this positively: “I think the challenges European motorcyclists are facing are universal. Even Norway is heavily influenced by EU decisions. We clearly cannot achieve results only by working at the national level. We must work on a European level and, eventually, globally. Coming from a non-EU country does not matter. I am European, and will work from that angle.”

He has a clear vision for FEMA’s future: “I see FEMA as a strong, economically independent and highly respected organization not only recognized by its professionalism – as is already the case – but also with a strong support from European motorcyclists. Strong national associations are the best foundation onto which FEMA must be further built. I hope – in short – that FEMA will further prosper through strong national organizations.”

Hans Petter (38) has been working as a journalist for some 12 years before entering into communication and media relations 8 years ago. He obtained his motorcycle licence in 1992 but did not become an active rider until 2000. From that time onwards, however, bikes became his first and most important leisure activity, only surpassed by time spent with his family. He rides some 20-25000 km per season and uses his bikes as much as possible for commuting, touring, or holidays. His wife and daughter also ride, so they pretty much form a “motorcyclists’ family”.

Hans Petter is FEMA’s 6th President and joins FEMA as the association celebrates 20 years of active representation in Brussels, promoting and defending motorcycling in Europe.



  1. The full interview of Hans Petter Strifeldt is available at the following link: Interview 

  2. Please also note that the second part of “FEMA History” is now online: History 

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