FEMA welcomes new Member from Turkey – Enduro Motorcycle Club Association – EMOK

FEMA is very pleased to welcome the Turkish Enduro Motorcycle Club Association (EMOK) as new full member.

The Federation now gathers and represents 24 national riders’ organisations coming from 19 different countries.

EMOK was created in 2002 in Istanbul with the objective to represent and defend the rights of riders, raise awareness on motorcycle issues, and broaden the sharing of knowledge and culture among riders from different regions and countries.

EMOK wishes to promote all aspects of motorcycling (transport and leisure/sport activity). The association is actively campaigning against crash barriers – which are too often deadly for motorcyclists – and traffic tolls.

It is working on several other central issues such as speed limits, the elimination of black spots on the roads and the need for appropriate road accident statistics.

EMOK also strongly emphasizes the need for appropriate training and developed several motorcycle courses.

Last but not least: a group of lawyers – members of the association – offer support to riders needing legal assistance.

When applying for membership, EMOK representatives underlined that becoming a FEMA affiliate would, on the one hand, strengthen their organisation in promoting and defending motorcycling in Turkey.

On the other hand, EMOK would be a valuable partner for FEMA, which will contribute to fortify the Federation and further spread and develop its activities.

With its Turkish member, FEMA is now regrouping 24 national riders’ organisations from 19 countries across Europe.


Note to editor:

1. Please visit EMOK Website www.emok.org

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