Fill It In – Road Hazard Reporting

In 2001 the Motorcycle Action Group stepped up its war on road hazards by producing a “Road Hazard Warning” card.

The thousands of cards produced were designed for concerned riders to post the cards to local authorities to report poor road surfaces, damage, or other hazards when spotted.

The idea was to ensure that councils were made aware of any problems and that they should be fixed promptly.

If repairs were not affected within two weeks, it was recommended that a reminder was sent to the council and MAG was advised, the cost of a couple of stamps.

The basic premise which remains unchanged was that if the road infrastructure is friendly to motorcycles then this equates to a motorcycle friendly road surface environment and less accidents.

However, it is not easy to find out which Council Highways Department area riders may have spotted a road hazard or where to send the cards to their local council.

As the world moves on councils use various electronic reporting forms on the web and Free Phone number systems. The governments Directgov website brings together information for various road reporting faults, including Street Lighting and Traffic Lights, with a facility to search for local authorities in England by Postcode, Street/Road or Local Authority.

We have brought all these links together in a mini website at

You can still use the MAG Road Hazard Warning Cards together as a supplement or backup to reporting a road hazard and as a reminder when you are out and about.

Use the links on the Fill It In website to report faults online when you get home.

MAG Road Hazard cards are available from MAG Central – 0870 444 8 448.

Email –

Issued by
Trevor Baird
Director of Public Affairs

The UK’s Leading Riders’ Rights Organisation