Filter Friendly

Filter Friendly is a MAG road safety campaign. Filtering brings benefits – not just to riders, but all road users.  We explain those advantages in order to encourage drivers to look out for motorcyclists filtering through traffic.


Filter Friendly

Many drivers who do not ride motorcycles will be unfamiliar with the practice of filtering.  Some will question its legality.  Others will question its safety. As a result, many will be annoyed by it.

The Filter Friendly campaign helps drivers understand that it is legal and safe, if done correctly.  More importantly it explains why it benefits the driver to help motorcyclists pass safely through traffic.

We launched the campaign on Ride To Work Day 2020.  The initial core of the campaign is a short video.


Northamptonshire Police and BikeSafe assisted us in making the video and support the campaign.  Our thanks goes to Nick Adderley, Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, and NPCC lead for motorcycling, for his enthusiasm and help with this campaign.

We will continue to create more resources.  Resources are freely available to road safety practitioners and anyone wanting to promote the campaign messaging.  Meanwhile we will promote the simple messages to all road users.

In short, success will come as a result of non-riding drivers getting the message.  MAG’s main audience is the riding community.  We recognise that we need support from organisations that do reach non-riders.  Therefore, we encourage any organisations wishing to support the campaign to contact us.

Filter Friendly