Freightliner supports ‘Diesel Spills Kill’ safety campaign

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has identified diesel spills – the result of HGVs overfilling and/or the cap not being on tightly – as a particular source of danger for motorcyclists.

“Safety is our number one priority and this is an excellent safety initiative that we are pleased to support,” says Richard Branston, General Manager of Road Operations, Freightliner Ltd.

Freightliner drivers undertake refresher training every six months, and undergo regular assessments, with an emphasis on both reducing accidents and protecting the environment.

Louisa Smith, Deputy General Secretary of MAG (UK) says: “This is huge progress to make with a national freight company and we are grateful to Freightliner for supporting this important safety campaign.”

The Freightliner road fleet operates throughout the UK, mainly carrying sea containers between inland rail freight terminals and origin/destination of the cargo as part of the company’s door to door service.

Operating its own trains, terminals and trucks allows Freightliner to offer a unique service to UK customers, keeping the containers within its total control to ensure a seamless delivery to the port or the delivery address.  This control also helps customers reduce carbon emissions and improve efficiency, while at the same time offering their own customers a cost-effective and reliable service.