French bin their Hi-Viz proposals

We’ve just heard that the French interior Minister Emmanuel Valls has decided to withdraw the 150 square centimetre hi-viz rule.

Apparently he has acknowledged the protests from riders and that there really isn’t any basis for the move.

MAG highlighted a few months ago, that apart from setting a dangerous precedent and creating the possibility that blame for accidents could be automatically shifted toward those riders not wearing the hi-viz as required, the French Government had also found itself in possible breach of an EU Directive which stipulated minimum quantities of hi-viz if hi-viz was being prescribed.
Much of what had been included under the previous French Government’s ‘Road Safety Plan’ has now been watered down or thrown out completely. The new Socialist administration does appear to be taking on board the public strength of feeling and perhaps it acknowledges it is there to govern for the people, not over the people. Refreshing indeed.