Good news that sales of PTW’s are on the rise

MAG welcomes the good news that sales of commuter bikes and Power Two Wheelers (PTW’s) in general are on the rise.

MAG Chair Selina Lavender welcomed the news adding:  “It’s great to see this increase in sales in 2015 which will result in more mopeds, motorcycles and scooters on our roads. We know this in turn sees other road users being more aware of us. We will continue to work hard to get local and national Government to see the benefits of two-wheeled motorised transport which already has the recognition of many who are choosing to shift from log jamming four wheels. Riding is part of a flexible approach to transport policy and carries many benefits for all. MAG’s long-standing campaign to open bus lanes to motorcycles is a major plank of our efforts on this front and we hope that many of the commuting riders recognise the value of our efforts and decide to support MAG by way of an individual membership.”

MCIA story More ‘commuter’ motorcycles sold during 2015 than for the past 30 years (8th January 2016)