Government Responds and Listens to Motorcycling

The Motorcycle Action Group welcomes the Governments response to the Parliamentary Transport Select Committee, report on their scrutiny of the Governments Motorcycling Strategy.

The Government reaffirmed its commitment to mainstream motorcycling, recognising it to be a modern and practical way of getting around.

Whilst agreeing with the Committee that motorcycle casualty rates were too high the Government pointed out that overall casualty rates were now 26% lower than the 1994/98 baseline and that measures within the strategy were tackling motorcycle safety effectively.

Whilst the Committee recommended that work should be carried out to explore the fitting of speed control systems the Government has stated that there are no plans for speed limiter trials or speed limiters of any type being made compulsory.

In respect of driver training, the Government reaffirmed its commitment to mainstream road safety into schools and to continue to develop better training for riders and drivers.

The Committee was critical of the levels of emissions from motorcycles, particularly larger capacity machines, however the Government pointed out that the Committee was basing its findings on historic data which bore no resemblance to the current levels of emissions being achieved by the Euro 3 standard which makes bikes much less polluting than cars.

The Committee focussed heavily on the nuisance caused by mini motos and recommended that a compulsory registration scheme should be introduced, (there is a private members off-road registration bill currently going through the parliamentary process). In response the Government reaffirmed its opposition to a mandatory registration scheme, outlining the options already available to address such nuisance. The Government also recognised the stated position by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) who are opposed to a registration scheme.

MAG Campaigns Manager, David Short said, “The Governments response to the Transport select committees recommendations is an excellent result for motorcycling. It vindicates the contributions made by everyone who gave evidence at the Transport Select Committee hearings. Whilst the Committee recommendations caused us concerns, in particular on issues such as speed limiters I am delighted that the Government has listened to our concerns, taken notice and responded in such a positive way. This is a good report for motorcycling and demonstrates the level of commitment that MAG and the motorcycling lobby have in delivering with Government the UK’s Motorcycle Strategy.”.


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Governments Response to Transport Select Committee available Here

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