Harlow Injunction C00CM435

MAG has been and continues to liaise with Harlow Council officials in connection with the issue of an injunction designed to address anti social behaviour by a minority of local motorcyclists.

MAG’s discussions reflect the wide scale concern that the injunction will prejudice legitimate motorcycle gatherings, rides out and training exercises. Harlow Council issued the following statement in order to clarify the situation.

“Harlow Council is very sorry that this issue has upset and angered the wider biking community. This was never our intention……. Harlow Council and Essex Police wants to make it clear that anyone riding bikes lawfully in Harlow on the road to either meet up with friends, including driving in a convoy; drive through the town; learn to ride or teach others, or take part in a charity event, will not be served with the injunction. This is the same for anyone driving a motor vehicle. “

MAG Chair Selina Lavender said;

“The clarification by Harlow Council is helpful and we welcome the included apology. We are cautiously confident that this injunction will not become an issue with implications broader than the one it was conceived to address, but we are calling upon the council to rescind this unnecessary court order.”

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