Have Your Say In Vital Transport Survey

MAG is appealing to all riders to complete an important transport survey – one which could help protect your right to ride.

MAG’s Chair, Selina Lavender, says: ‘’It’s important that riders’ voices are heard and completing transport surveys such as this one can be an easy way to do that. Fair Fuel UK are keen to hear from more riders and have asked if we can highlight the survey which we are happy to. It will take about ten minutes of your time to complete. Whether you ride 500 miles or 50,000 miles a year – and whether you have an interest in politics or not – we’d all like our fuel to be fairly priced.’

The survey can be found by following this link:


If too few bikers respond, it will make us look like we don’t care about what happens to us. This is a very good opportunity to be heard by Government. The results will also be shared with journalists and we need to make sure we’re noticed.’

Please fill in the survey and get your friends to do it as well. Just share the link. It’s easy to complete – and it’s really important. Your responses should be in by Monday, 20th August 2018.

The survey covers road surface issues, congestion, emissions taxes and the danger of taxing older motorcycles because of the tiny emissions they create. It mainly requires single click answers, with very few typed responses. The findings will be shown to every MP, all transport media and relevant ministers – including the Prime Minister.

Thanks again for doing this survey.

Protect your right to ride TODAY: please do this survey NOW.

Contact MAG at 01926 844 064 or central-office@mag-uk.org