Help Kill Spills in Derbyshire

Andy Adlington of Derbyshire CC and Sean Buckley of Peak And District MAG with one of the Council’s fleet vehicles.

Peak and District MAG have been negotiation with Derbyshire County Council for almost a year, but are now pleased to reveal that all council vehicles will be sporting MAG’s ‘Diesel Spills Kill’ stickers.

Derby and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership is also urging haulage companies, farmers and bus operators to support the Motorcycle Action Group’s Kill Spills Campaign.

Firms are being encouraged to follow the example of Derbyshire County Council – one of the partnership’s member organisations – by displaying one of MAG’s warning stickers near the filler cap of all of their larger diesel vehicles. The stickers remind drivers to avoid overfilling the diesel tank and to make sure that they re-fit the filler cap properly afterwards.

Andy Adlington, the partnership’s motorcycle project officer, said: “Diesel on the road poses a serious threat to motorcyclists. It’s as slippery as black ice and can be difficult to spot when the road is wet.

“A truck that’s been overfilled can spill several litres of diesel just by turning a corner. Our message to drivers is ‘Don’t put lives at risk by trying to put a bit extra in your tank.’”

MAG’s Sean Buckley has been persistent in his drive to get the Council onboard and continues to work towards the fitment of non-slip manhole covers in the county too.