Iceland drops compulsory protective clothing idea

MAG’s sister organisation, BLS has confirmed that following much lobbying, the Icelandic Government has dropped its plans to enforce compulsory protective clothing on motorcyclists.

In the latest draft of the Icelandic road traffic bill there is no longer mention of the compulsory use of protective clothing. The bill still has to pass Parliament but the Icelandic FEMA member BLS is confident that it will be approved without further amendments. The position of MAG UK and other FEMA member organizations on protective clothing is clear: the final decision about what to wear and when needs to be left to the individual.

Njáll Gunnlaugsson from BLS: “This positive outcome is because of the constant effort we put in to get this done, and a big help was the fact that FEMA helped us in this battle by giving a statement, as is mentioned in the subchapter in the traffic bill”.