IMCO vote goes ahead

The IMCO (Internal Market and Consumer protection committee) vote took place today, on both the draft report and the amendments to the proposed EU Regulation on Type Approval and Market Surveillance of 2 and 3 wheelers.

As studies are ongoing into the justification for anti-tampering legislation (article 18) as well as the timelines for the introduction of emissions controls, On board Diagnostics and the compulsion of ABS for all motorcycle categories, it is particularly disappointing that the committee felt empowered to vote.

We have requested information from the Raporteur’s office about how the voting went on the various amendments and may have it tomorrow, but early indications are that the Committee went even further than the original proposal regarding ABS.

As for anti-tampering, or modifications, there will remain much speculation, as the ‘delegated acts’ specifying what can and can’t be modified on each class of bike, is yet to be finalised by the technocrats behind the scenes. Similarly, while words as ambiguous as ‘substantial modifications’ continue to be used, it will be very difficult to assess what exactly will be affected.