Last minute talks to save Salisbury Spring Surprise Bike Show

MAG is continuing crucial talks to secure funding and a ‘lighter administrative touch’ for the Salisbury Spring Surprise Motorcycle Show 2017 just weeks before the event is scheduled to happen.

Salisbury Motorcycle Action Group Representative, Finbar Colson, has revealed that the organising team is in urgent discussions to get the money they need to run the Salisbury Spring Surprise Motorcycle Show and avoid its cancellation.  Finbar explained the unexpected turn of events: ‘the show has been a great success in recent years, and we have to make sure we do everything professionally.  Finding a way to cater for in excess of 8,000 bikers in Salisbury Market Square carries with it the need to keep things safe and efficient.  This costs thousands of pounds, and we have to find it from somewhere.  We’re hoping those attending will make a contribution but we need to know we have the money before Sunday – and that’s been the sticking point.’

The show is planned for Salisbury Market Square on Sunday 30th April. Finbar adds: ‘without funding, the donations from those enjoying the show just do not cover the costs and we are very grateful to all the individuals, businesses and organisations that have supported us in the past.  Since the event generates around £180,000 of additional revenue to the city, it seems nuts if we have to cancel it for lack of around £5,000 investment.  We’re doing all we can to find it and I’d appeal to those who may be willing to help us to contact me on 07450 992298 or email me at at any time.’ 

Administration has also increased considerably since last year, which has put additional pressure on the volunteers, who must complete the paperwork involved in securing approvals from Salisbury City Council, the new Local Authority in charge of the Market Square.  ‘We’re happy to do it by the book,’ says Finbar, ‘but the book’s getting a bit thick now.  A reduced administrative burden would massively speed things up for us.  Let’s not lose one of the centerpieces of Salisbury’s springtime calendar to administrative hurdles.’

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