Latest Election News…

MAG has worked in conjunction with the MCIA and BMF to produce the first ‘good news’ document about motorcycling ever to be sent by email to all 4,000 Prospective Parliamentary Candidates in the UK General Election

650 of them will be elected as MPs on May 7th – and that’s why we’re contacting them now.  We want to know what they’ll do for riding, before we give them our votes.

As you will see from the PDF here: Election Leaflet Link every new MP has had a chance to see key points about the positive role of motorcycling in the UK for individuals – and for the nation as a whole.

We’re asking you to do one thing.  Please download the PDF and ask your prospective candidates if they have read it, and if they agree with six key points in the mini survey.

Once your MP is elected, MAG hopes you will request a meeting with them to discuss their views on biking and on your rights to ride.  And, don’t worry if you’ve never met an MP before as we will give you all the help you might need to get the ball rolling. You can ask them what they are prepared to do to protect our liberties and promote our interests.  Remember, all we’re asking for is the same respect and positive attention as other road users who are more vulnerable than drivers.

MAG works tirelessly to raise the profile of biking and will help  you to do so too.  You don’t have to be ‘political’ to help.  You just need to care about your right to ride.  We’re making good progress –