Leaked documents reveal radical plans for test centres

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) says it has seen leaked documents showing that the DSA is looking at ways to reduce its costs.

It is also exploring whether driving tests could be conducted by other organisations inside or outside the public sector, according to the PCS.

Mark Serwotka, general secretary of PCS, said: “These new documents shed more light on the plans being hatched behind closed doors by senior managers and ministers. Worryingly, it is the latest evidence of the creeping privatisation of the agency’s work, which puts ideology before road safety.”

 A DfT spokesperson said: “We have said many times that we are looking at how we can improve the driver testing and training process. However, no decisions have been taken on future testing provision and we will not comment on leaked documents.”

It would appear that the DSA is now beginning to treat drivers with a similar level of distain to motorcyclists. The inconvenience that riders have had to endure since April 2009 has led to a 50% drop in those taking their tests and very possibly an increase in the number of those riding illegally. Perhaps there is comfort to be found in that if testing is hived off to the private sector, performance related pay may mean that tests won’t be cancelled with just a few minutes notice!