Leicester MAG group invited to give evidence to City Council

Having been inspired by the work of Brighton MAG, the local Leicester MAG group have entered talks with their City Council and been asked to submit evidence to the Transport Scrutiny Committee regarding giving motorcycles access to bus lanes.

Many studies have now shown that giving bikes some priority can improve traffic flow for all, reduce congestion, reduce pollution in urban areas and ultimately save money.

Encouraging motorcycling and making it more convenient is sure to entice more drivers out of cars and onto cheap to run, less environmentally damaging twp wheelers.

Having now summitted their evidence they have been invited to further discussion on 23rd Jan and have also organised a meeting with the Mayor for the 18th to discuss how motorcycling can be promoted in Leicester and how engaging MAG’s Get A Grip Campaign can improve grip consitency on roads within the City, reducing casualties and further reducing costs to society.

It’s great news to see such a new group taking such an active role and making headway. Well done Ian and the rest of the group.