Lenient sentence for Drink Driver who almost killed a motorcyclist.

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has condemned the leniency of a sentence handed down to a drunk driver who almost killed a motorcyclist with whom he collided.

Motorist Thomas Scully has been convicted of drink driving, failing to stop at the scene of an accident and driving without due care and attention. Scully drove with twice the legal limit of alcohol in his blood and knocked down motorcyclist Michael Daniels who suffered serious multiple injuries and had to have his heart restarted on the operating table.

Scully has two previous convictions of drunk driving and yet escaped a custodial sentence, receiving only a suspended sentence and community service.

MAG spokesman Ian Mutch said:

“The leniency of this sentence defies belief. This man is a serial offender who has demonstrated utter contempt for his victim by driving off, leaving him for dead. Scully’s offence demonstrates gross selfishness, contempt for the law and contempt for life.

What hope is there for justice in this country when such a man escapes a jail sentence while sober riders on empty roads have been sentenced to months in jail for speeding?

Such inconsistency in sentencing brings the law into disrepute, and raises the question of double standards with motorcyclists being treated more severely than motorists.

Furthermore it seems that when motorcyclists are the innocent victims their lives are valued lower than those of others. The fact that this rider did not die should not justify the leniency of the driver’s sentence.”

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