Sunak’s Levelling Up Fund is a massive opportunity for motorcycling

Levelling Up Fund opportunity for motorcycling

The Chancellor’s new £4 billion Levelling Up Fund is a great opportunity for motorcycling.  Motorcyclists can win investment for secure parking facilities and bus lane access, so the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) advises members to contact their councillors and MPs.

Yesterday, Rishi Sunak unveiled a new £4 billion ‘Levelling Up Fund’ for England.  It is money for schemes from bus lanes, to railway station upgrades.  The Fund will finance a broad range of local projects. 

Sunak said the initiative is about funding the infrastructure of everyday life.  Projects must have real impact, be delivered quickly, and have local support.

Motorcyclists are part of the community.  We don’t ask for much, but our needs are often overlooked.  MAG therefore suggests that members speak to their local MP and councillors to ask for installation of motorcycle-friendly infrastructure.  You can propose that new bus lanes allow motorcycle access; or ask for regeneration projects to include secure motorcycle parking. 

 MAG Chair, Selina Lavender, said:


“We are used to ‘no money’ being the response to all our requests.  But this Levelling Up Fund is a great chance to get past that issue.  We should seize it.  If you have never contacted your councillor or MP before, now is the time to start.  Let’s see motorcycling level up and see some investment.”

Meanwhile, MAG is developing designs for dual use secure parking rails.  We want to create innovative secure parking products for members to promote. Please contact us if you are a manufacturer or individual with expertise in this area.

Find your local councillor’s details here, and your local MP’s details here.   

Let us know how you get on.