Live To Ride. Ride To Live – Think!

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG UK) says the government’s motorcycle ‘Think!’ campaign for motorcyclists hits the right spot for tips and facts for urban motorcycling.

The focus of this latest urban campaign concentrates on motorcyclists perfecting their skills and changing the way they ride with some thought provoking facts and tips that could help riders avoid an accident.

The facts speak for themselves with 65% of all motorcycle accidents involving a car happening at T-junctions with usually the motorist being at fault.

The Department for Transport campaign supplements the previous ‘Think!’ urban campaign which encouraged drivers to “THINK! Take longer to look for bikes”.

Top tips for riding include:

  • – Anticipation – Always keep an eye out for the unexpected,

  • – Watch your speed – Ride at a speed that gives you enough time to react,

  • – Positioning – Position yourself on the road so cars can see you,

  • – Overtaking – It’s one of the most satisfying things you can do on your bike, especially in heavy traffic, but make sure you always look over your shoulder to see what people are doing behind you.

Other advice includes keeping your bike in perfect nick and wearing the appropriate riding kit.

MAG’s General Secretary, says “The advice may seem rudimentary to experienced riders, but motorcycling is a constant learning curve. Remember – don’t expect car drivers to see you no matter how visible you think you are.”

MAG believes that motorcycle awareness by car, van and truck drivers is fundamental to improve the casualty rates for motorcyclists and until this fact is recognised and training and testing regimes for all road users is rethought, these campaigns, while helpful, will not solve the problem.

The government must include specific training (and testing) for other road users to look for motorcyclists and include more appropriate avoidance strategies in motorcycle training (and testing).


Notes To Editors

1. View the campaign details at MAG Sport Here

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3. FEMA European Agenda for Motorcycle Safety 3.9mb

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