Local Transport Plans

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is concerned that Local Transport Plans are not incorporating the pro motorcycling guidance that has been issued by central Government. 

Pro motorcycle policies that recognise the advantages which motorcycles offer to communities in terms of maximising available space and resources are not being widely adopted at a local level. 

While MAGhas been highly successful in persuading key figures in central Government that motorcycling should be encouraged. Responsibility for enacting policies which reflect that conviction has largely been devolved to local authorities, a feature of politics which makes MAG’slocal group structure crucial.

MAGis now encouraging its activists nationwide to contact their MPs and ask them to what extent the transport authorities in their constituencies are following Government guidelines in respect of motorcycling.

Examples of pro motorcycling policy that are not being widely promoted at local level include, enabling the use of bus lanes by motorcycles and adequate parking provision for motorcycles.

Most MPs may be identified and contacted by email via the website members.parliament.uk/members/Commons

For further information contact
Nich Brown: (01788 570066 
nich.brown@mag-uk.org) or
Ian Mutch (020 8556 6495 or