London – Bike’s in Bus Lanes announcement

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG (UK) is delighted that Motorcycles and Scooters (PTWs) will now be allowed to use most bus lanes throughout London’s strategic ‘Red Route’ road network that is run by Transport for London (TfL).

“The decision to make Powered Two Wheeler access to most of TfL’s bus lanes a permanent measure is a triumph of evidence-led policy development”, says Dr Leon Mannings, MAG’s Transport Policy Advisor – who has been closely involved with developments in TfL trials of the Motorbikes in Bus Lanes concept since 2004.

What is especially significant about the decision is that it reflects recognition of both the safety and environmental advantages of enabling PTWs to access bus lanes.

MAG is also pleased to see that this decision by TfL is a big step forwards in increasing recognition of the vital role that motorcycle and scooter use can play in cutting many congestion related problems – and that allowing bikes into bus lanes delivers net safety benefits for vulnerable road on both motorised and pedal-propelled machines.

After nearly eight years of investigation into safety concerns about motorbikes in bus lanes, TfL and the Mayor have rightly concluded that it makes great sense for all concerned with road safety while enhancing the efficiency of urban road use.

Dr Mannings adds. “Transport for London and the Mayor deserve great praise and respect for the diligence and depth of TfL’s investigations into the pros and cons of allowing scooter and motorcycle riders to use bus lanes, alongside other single-track vehicle users on pedal bikes.”