MAG – 7000 Souls Defy Rain

Over 7000 hardy souls braved diabolical weather last weekend to make MAG’s 21st Farmyard Party Motorcycle Rally in North Yorkshire.

Despite Met. Office warnings of extreme weather in the region, motorcycle riders poured into Duncombe Park close to the town of Helmsley.

Besides being one of the group’s major fund raisers, this year’s Farmyard Party provided the launchpad for MAG’s new revitalised image. The site, including the main stage area, was decorated with banners and bunting displaying the new logo and messages which proclaimed MAG as ‘The Heart and Soul of Biking’ and posed the question to people, ‘Are you passionate enough?’

Significantly, people were queuing up to join MAG. New members and lapsed members were joining because they could see that MAG was broadening its appeal to all bikers of all persuasions. Over 200 brand new memberships were processed over the weekend. A testament that the marketing strategy is working.

National Chairman Jane Chisholm explained; “MAG is refreshing its image in order to make a bold statement to all motorcyclists that MAG is here for everyone. Whether you ride a twist and go, step though or the latest sports bike, MAG will represent you”

“Anti biking legislation does not differentiate between motorcycle types, we are all affected and subject to prejudice and misinformation peddled by an anti biking brigade. The relaunch is a wake-up call to all motorcyclists everywhere to come and join us. This is a most exciting time in the development of MAG.”

“Our management has never been more dynamic, innovative and forward thinking. There has never been a better time to be a member of the UK’s leading riders’ rights organisation. Come and join us.”

Event organiser Pete Walker applauded the stoic attitude of all those who faced torrential rain. “It’s a real testament to the patrons of the event that they would ride through that, but then again it is the best biker party in Europe.”

Campaigns Manager David Short, who has led the marketing and image project with creative marketing company Creo Communications Ltd. reported positive feedback from nearly all at the show who viewed the new logo, images and direction which MAG is taking. “MAG is confirming its position as the leading rider organisation in the UK” he said. “MAG’s credibility in political spheres is leaping ahead at a time when a strong rider movement is needed more than ever.”


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Trevor Baird
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The UK’s Leading Riders’ Rights Organisation