MAG acts to safeguard free river crossing

MAG has contacted the government in the wake of news that the Dartford crossing will be sold to private enterprise.

MAG is keen to ensure that free passage for motorcyclists will be assured after the new owners take control, and ideally that a bikes only bi-pass lane be introduced to expedite traffic flow at the toll area.
MAG sustained a campaign for several years in pursuit of free passage on the grounds that motorcycle use assists the aims of reducing traffic congestion and pollution. Additionally, the need to remove gloves and scrabble around for coins at the toll booths leads to delay and frustration for motorists stuck behind motorcycles at the booths. At the climax of the campaign a group of twenty riders turned up at the bridge and paid with fifty pound notes to make a point and provide a photo opportunity to gain publicity for the issue.
Subsequent amicable meetings with the tunnel authorities led to the removal of charges for motorcyclists.  
Further information:
Ian Mutch: 020 8556 6495
Nich Brown: 01788 570066