MAG appeals to all riders to challenge ‘nutty’ pollution charge

MAG is calling on all riders in the UK to submit their concerns regarding a mad London charge which could cost a user of an older moped thousands of pounds a year in pollution taxes.

Selina Lavender, Chair of the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), has made an urgent appeal to all riders to challenge a new ‘Ultra Low Emissions Zone’ charge being proposed by Transport for London (TfL) which could make riding small, clean and congestion-busting bikes totally uneconomic in the British capital.

Selina says: ‘TfL seems very upbeat about the proposed pollution charge for older vehicles, including bikes – meaning those built before 2007.  It would mean that from September 2020, even if you’ve got a tiny engine, they want to slap a £12.50 charge on you, every day, seven days a week.   Riders of older mopeds will therefore pay thousands of pounds a year if they use their little bike on a daily basis.  How can that be fair?  Many who use these small machines do so because they’re not well off and they do multiple jobs in the city to make ends meet.  This hits them so hard that some will simply give up and go on benefits, because they’ll be better off that way.  And for what?  The environment is helped, not harmed, by these small bikes as they reduce congestion and make a negligible impact on the environment – even according to TfL’s own figures. 

Please write in – it’ll only take you a few minutes and what happens in London has a nasty habit of happening elsewhere too.  Submit your views on the Mayor’s draft Transport Strategy before 2nd October or lose your right to comment.’

Submit your views, BEFORE 2nd October, at:

This charge effectively bans old bikes from London for anyone apart from the super-rich.  Have your say now, or prepare for a desperate and unjust charge in the very near future.

Contact MAG at 01926 844 064 or