MAG asks: Bus Lanes – to bike or not to bike?

MAG asks: do you want us to continue our successful campaign for motorcycle access to bus lanes?

Nationally, more and more transport authorities are seeing the sense in adopting a bus lanes access policy for bikers, with Nottingham City Council the latest to announce a trial.  MAG has released a comprehensive report on the state of play for motorcycle access, which highlights the random patchwork of policy that adds to risk of injury, as well as a sense of entrapment and fines.  MAG is campaigning for the DfT to change its guidance to local authorities on the matter from a neutral position to one of encouraging motorcycle access to bus lanes.

Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, commented; “Despite the fact that bikers are entitled to have their safety concerns taken seriously, we still see certain councils, such as Hackney in London, actively opposing riders’ safety.  Following the GLA Transport Committee’s Easy Rider report in 2016, the latest Mayor’s Transport Policy calls on all London boroughs to allow motorcycle access to bus lanes. But Hackney’s draft Local Implementation Plan contains the lines ‘The council opposed the Mayor of London’s decision to permit PTWs use of bus lanes on TfL-controlled roads on safety grounds and will seek to work with TfL to reverse this position. The council recognises the high accident rate of powered two wheelers but does not believe there is good evidence that using the bus lanes will address this’.  MAG will NOT allow this blatant disregard for the interests of riders to go unchallenged.”

MAG wants to know your views on motorcycle access to bus lanes:

  • Should bikes be allowed in all bus lanes?
  • Does the current variability in access rights cause you confusion?
  • Have you ever received a fine for mistakenly using a bus lane?
  • Do you feel safer riding in a bus lane?
  • Do you think you increase risks to cyclists when sharing a bus lane
    with them?
  • Do you think you pose a greater risk to pedestrians when you ride in a
    bus lane?
  • Do you think you disrupt buses when you use a bus lane?
  • Do you think motorcycles should have segregated lanes like cyclists?
  • Do you think motorcycles should be allowed to use cycle lanes?
  • What is the one reason, if any, for allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes?

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