MAG asks: Clean Air Zones – logic or tragic?

MAG claims modal shift to motorcycles reduces congestion and pollution in the UK.  MAG’s guidance document clearly shows the evidence – in a manner that hasn’t been challenged by ANY audience so far. What do YOU think?

Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, said; “It is reassuring that, beyond the capital, we’re winning the logical argument to exempt motorcycles of all ages from any toxic tax charging schemes. This fight is leaving London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, increasingly isolated in his incomprehensible resolve to push through this socially regressive policy in the form of the proposed Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).  MAG is determined to convince councils to make the promotion of modal shift to motorcycles part of their solution to improve air quality.  By contrast, London’s policy is a tragic and embarrassing mistake which, unfortunately, seems to come simply from an inability to actually understand the evidence.”

“It is not rocket science,” adds Colin. “Figures available to all councils clearly show the current stock of cars produce more NO2 per mile than motorcycles have EVER produced.  And the emissions gap between cars and motorcycles isn’t closing.  Anyone can see that riders filtering PAST queues on motorcycles rather than sitting IN queues of cars reduces congestion – and therefore pollution. I met the Joint Air Quality Unit and Transport for London, neither of whom have arguments to disprove this simple logic. It seems the only reason they aren’t promoting motorbikes – when their obsession with bicycles is clear – is prejudice. That prevents all of society from benefiting from the potential gains of shifting from four wheels to two, whether or not the two wheeler happens to have an engine.  Khan has simply got to welcome bikers as an asset and not damn us as a problem.”

Do you agree? MAG wants your views on the role of motorcycles in improving air quality:

  • Is it right to charge older motorcycles to enter clean air zones?
  • Would charging older motorcycles really improve air quality?
  • Are electric motorcycles more eco-friendly than petrol motorcycles?
  • Is there a case to exempt smaller motorcycles but charge larger ones?
  • Are you prepared to give up your internal combustion engine (ICE) motorcycle to improve air quality?
  • Are the claimed benefits of cleaner air realistic?
  • Is it fair to punish riders who can’t afford to upgrade their bikes?
  • Will there be an impact on the classic/vintage bike scene?
  • Will Sadiq Khan’s extreme policies have a measurable impact on health?

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