MAG asks: Road Safety – what do you think?

As motorcyclists, we don’t ride out hoping to be killed or seriously injured.  We all have a vested interest in staying alive. So what’s gone wrong with the road safety agenda, and why are we made to feel like the accused instead of the victims?

The latest road safety agenda, Vision Zero, began in Sweden. It aims to achieve zero road casualties and the ideology states that safety can never be sacrificed for mobility.  Since London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has adopted Vision Zero – a concept which one of its inventors openly stated meant motorcycles “need to go,” Britain’s motorcyclists need to be worried.

MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, said “A Vision Zero founding father, Claes Tingvall, was right to say what he said about motorbikes and Vision Zero.  He highlighted that, under this agenda, safety can never be sacrificed for mobility. So, to be consistent, he had to believe that motorcycles should be banned – as well as push bikes, cars, horses, walking…. In fact we should all just stay at home and never get out of bed.  There is always a risk of injury when we move.  Walking is basically a process of repeatedly losing balance and beginning to fall – clearly if we get it wrong and don’t stop each fall, it is going to end up hurting.

“Motorcyclists, much to the surprise of some road safety experts, are aware that they are taking risks every time they get on their bikes.  I personally have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, but I still ride. I’ve taken advanced training and do all I can to minimize the chances of it happening again – but I accept the risk.  That’s a conscious decision I choose to make.  I fight for my right to make that decision and will resist anyone who tries to take that right away.

“Everyone knows there is an acceptable level of risk. Progress normally relies on taking risks.  To say risk is unacceptable is fundamentally flawed.  Let’s move from Vision Zero to Vision Hero.  Risks we accept benefit not just riders, but all road users in terms of reduced congestion and pollution.  Let’s make the roads as safe as possible but not through restrictions, and not at any cost.”

MAG wants to know your views road safety:

  • Do you think the level of risk in motorcycling outweighs the benefits of motorcycling?
  • What do you think will make the roads safer for you as a rider?
  • Do you think you can ever be 100% safe on the road?
  • Do you think more motorcyclists on the road makes biking safer or more dangerous?
  • Are motorcyclists seen as a problem that needs to be fixed?
  • What is the most important point of focus to improve road safety for motorcyclists?

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