MAG backs ‘congestion and pollution smart Severn toll proposal’

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), the UK’s leading voice for riders’ rights, has formally submitted its support for the Severn Bridge toll proposals in the recent consultation regarding arrangements for the future.

Motorcycles are currently exempt from the tolls and the proposals for the future include a continuation of this strategy, which MAG firmly agrees with.  ‘While you might expect a riders’ rights group to be supportive of the exemption for bikes, the benefits extend far beyond the riding community,’ explains MAG’s Director of Communications & Public Affairs.  ‘Every bike which is used instead of a car reduces congestion, and with that we also reduce pollution.  The Severn Bridge operators are well aware of this, and MAG welcomes this sensible approach, whereby these benefits are reflected in their charging strategy.’

Research has shown that a 10% shift from cars to bikes leads to a 40% reduction in congestion in some traffic scenarios.  As such, making riding attractive financially is a good way to promote less car use and more bike use, thereby easing the pressure on one of the busiest road stretches in Britain.

‘MAG never expects a free ride – we make our case on the basis of evidence.  It’s good to know that others have come to the same assessment as we have, and that we’re working to a common cause – namely what’s best for everyone.  This is a congestion and pollution smart toll proposal and it is welcomed by the thousands of riders who cross the bridge every day, largely to get to and from work.  We invite other commuters to leave their cars at home, and enjoy the many benefits of two wheels, including the toll exemption.’

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