MAG calls for Greater London Authority transport eco-policy to be consistent for river traffic and motorcycles

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has highlighted potential ‘glaring contradictions’ in the Greater London Authority (GLA) Transport Committee policy regarding climate change and local emissions.

MAG is writing to ask the GLA Transport Committee to confirm it will support the exemption of all motorcycles from the threatened Ultra Low Emissions Charge which is scheduled for introduction for April 2019.

MAG’s London Representative, Tim Fawthrop, has said: ‘on 7th August the news was dominated by two stories: the threat of sudden climate change due to greenhouse gases; and calls by the Greater London Authority Transport Committee for greater use of the Thames for passenger commuting by water vessels. MAG recognises the importance of both. That’s why we need the Transport Committee to confirm it will demand that motorcycles of all ages are exempt from the ULEZ charges next year.

‘We have repeatedly demonstrated that motorbikes reduce local pollution, by having comparatively smaller engines and by reducing congestion. As such, it is totally contradictory to promote the relatively highly polluting river boats, while charging motorcycles £12.50 a day to enter the city.

‘When it comes to climate change, once again motorbikes demonstrably reduce emissions of climate change gases, such as CO2. How can it be rational to exempt large vehicles pumping out hundreds of grams of CO2 per mile, while charging motorbikes which produce almost none?’

MAG is seeking confirmation from the Transport Committee that it will be consistent, and insist older motorcycles aren’t charged for using London’s roads. ‘There’s an alternative if these glaring contradictions aren’t resolved,’ adds Tim. ‘It’s called legal action on the basis of discrimination and damage to the environment. We’d like to avoid that route, and I’m sure the authorities will too. Let’s get this sorted out now so everyone can move on and work together – bikers and traffic planners united – to reduce local and global emissions.’

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