MAG calls for innovative national debate on National Pothole Day

National Pothole Day

Every year, seventy-four motorcycle KSI reports (Killed or Seriously Injured) list poor road surface as a contributory factor.  Members of the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) last year voted repair of potholes as their second-highest priority.  MAG is using National Pothole Day to once again call on national and local Government to come together to find innovative solutions to this problem.  For motorcyclists, solutions can literally mean the difference between life or death.

The issue of potholes on the UK road network is nothing new.  National Pothole Day was created in 2015 to raise awareness of the ever-growing pothole problem on our roads.

Established by, MAG supports the awareness campaign to rid Britain’s roads of the pothole blight. MAG regularly encourages members to report potholes and other surface issues and promotes innovative products and repair methods to the relevant authorities.  MAG also offers to advise local authorities on prioritising the potholes that cause greatest risk to riders.

Potholes on bends, in braking zones and at junctions can cause far more than inconvenience to riders.



MAG Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, said:

“I hear riders raise potholes more than most other issues.  My analysis of motorcycle KSIs that occur as a result of substandard road surfaces was simply a confirmation of the fears.  Our road network is a valuable asset, especially to those of us that share the passion of riding motorcycles.  The inadequate investment of Government money in maintaining that network betrays a poor understanding of that value.  It is high time that national and local Government sat down to come up with a credible plan to tackle the issue. We can all accept that funds are stretched – and that is why innovative thinking is vital.  We need a bold solution that will be applied at scale and with ruthless efficiency.  Lives depend on it.”

National Pothole Day

Mark Morrell – who is known in the media as Mr Pothole – has supported National Pothole Day for several years. On 14th January 2022, UltraCrete will be promoting the day as the headline partner.

As part of National Pothole Day 2022, UltraCrete will be hosting a Webinar on the Pothole Crisis. Join the conversation and register for their webinar at