MAG calls for witnesses to MP attack by ‘yobs, not bikers’

MAG is appealing for anyone who witnessed the attack on Labour MP Steve McCabe in Birmingham to come forward with information ‘for the sake of justice and the reputation of biking.’

The MP suffered facial injuries when he was hit in the face with a brick thrown by a yob, apparently on a used off-road machine.  Labour’s Steve McCabe MP said two people were riding “really recklessly” in Birmingham’s Yardley Wood area, and he shouted at them to stop or he would call the police.  The Birmingham Selly Oak MP has given a statement to police, and said he has a “beautiful black eye.”

Mr McCabe stated “we’ve had umpteen complaints about this kind of dangerous behaviour and so I shouted at them to pack it in or I’d call the police.  These are really quite nasty, violent thugs.”

Colin Brown, MAG’s West Midlands Regional Representative, said ‘we understand the MP has tweeted pictures of two thugs allegedly involved in the attack.  MAG is utterly determined to ensure that the yobs involved with this are brought to justice.  That’s because MAG does not recognise these idiots as bikers – but simply as hooligans on two wheels.  The legitimate riding group is a close knit community.   We’ll find them and then they’ll find justice – and the legal system will hit them in the face like the brick they threw at Mr McCabe.’

MAG has been in contact with Mr McCabe’s team and, as well as offering our support for his recovery, has agreed to work with him and his office to catch the culprits.  If you have any information regarding the perpetrators of this crime, please contact Mr McCabe’s office in confidence on 0121 443 3878, Birmingham Police, or call MAG on 01926 844 064 and we will pass on the information in confidence.  Colin Brown adds ‘let’s stop this mindless thuggery and make it clear that these people aren’t bikers, they’re common criminals.’

Contact MAG at 01926 844 064 or