MAG Campaigns Manager to lead new government fraud-busting initiative

MAG Campaigns Manager, David Short, is moving on to lead a team of ‘Scambusters’.

David, a Chief Superintendent with the North Yorkshire Police before joining MAG, is to be part of a new Government initiative tackling the worst offending rogue traders across the country. David will be coordinating law enforcement activity across the Yorkshire and Humberside region to deal with rogue traders operating across police force and county boundaries.

David Short says, “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at MAG representing motorcycle interests at all levels; from one to one meetings with government ministers, working in Parliament and many other forums. I have also enjoyed helping to develop the MAG brand and business practices, which I know place the organisation in good shape to tackle the issues affecting motorcycling. I leave MAG as an employee with fond memories but remain a MAG member and I will contribute where I can in a voluntary capacity. After all, the strength of MAG is in the commitment by the volunteer army that makes up its membership.

Jane Chisholm, MAG’s chair said, “David has enhanced the credibility of MAG dramatically during his time of full time employment with us and we are grateful to him for his offer to operate as a consultant on a voluntary basis. We wish him all the very best in his future job.”

Nich Brown (recently appointed as General Secretary of MAG) will take-over from David in the interim. The ex-head of research at MCIA brings extensive experience of motorcycle campaigning and has advised industry and government bodies on motorcycling at local, national and international levels. An honorary Fellow of the Institute of Highways Incorporated Engineers for his work in motorcycling, Nich has been involved in many successful campaigns, being instrumental in uncovering official over-estimates of motorcycle tax evasion and gaining motorcycle access to bus lanes.