MAG Centre Stage in the House of Commons

The Motorcycle Action Group were centre stage in the Houses of Parliament yesterday having been called to give evidence at the House of Commons Transport Select Committee who were scrutinising the delivery of the Government Motorcycle Strategy.

The Committee, chaired by the formidable Gwyneth Dunwoody MP heard evidence from the MAG Campaigns Manager, David Short.

During the debate, the panel of MPs asked questions and were provided with the MAG perspective on Mini Motos, the use of bus lanes, police enforcement policy and many other issues on which MAG are actively campaigning.

David, who as a former police officer is used to gruelling scrutinies by Her Majesty’s Inspections and in the Crown Court said, “This was indeed a most robust inquiry. It was a tremendous opportunity to put rider’s rights at the heart of parliamentary debate. Mrs Dunwoody and the panel were genuinely interested and seeking MAG’s advice on issues of policy. I came away with the genuine impression that at last our voice is being heard and is being taken notice of.”

The scrutiny committee have a further day in February where more evidence will be heard from other parties.

The invitation to the Motorcycle Action Group to give evidence at the scrutiny is an indication as to just how far MAG has come from its embryonic days as a single issue protest group to what is now a serious rider’s interest group whose views are taken seriously. MAG is at the heart of political debate and actively forming policy and protecting the interests of motorcyclists. Come and join us we have a lot of fun too!



  1. David Short can be contacted at 077389 48080 or contact

  2. Other motorcycle representatives attending the select committee included MCIA (Motorcycle Industry Association), British Motorcyclists Federation and the RAC Foundation.

  3. The Governments Motorcycle Strategy can be downloaded Here pdf 343kb

Issued by
Trevor Baird
Director of Public Affairs

The UK’s Leading Riders’ Rights Organisation