MAG completes case against tunnel user-charges for riders

MAG has put in its final submissions to the Silvertown Tunnel consultation to make the case against charging riders for using the proposed new crossing.

The consultation on the proposed new Thames Crossing in Central London is now over.  The independent panel in charge of the whole process is now considering the information that they have received, which includes a substantial and detailed submission from MAG. 

Lembit Öpik, MAG’s Director of Communications & Public Affairs, has been representing riders’ interests across the many months of the public consultation process.  ‘We’ve made our views clear about the need for an exemption for motorcycles and scooters regarding user-charging.  Put simply, the applicants want to charge bikes and we think they’re wrong.  I feel we have made the strongest possible case regarding the need for this exemption.  Motorcycles contribute positively to the project’s environmental, congestion and social objectives.  To charge us for using the tunnel is entirely counter to what the project is intended to achieve.  We’d effectively be punished for helping Transport for London deliver the goals which they themselves have set.’

The Panel is expected to report on its recommendations – including those relating to user-charging – in the Summer.  After that the Secretary of State for Transport will make the final call around October 2017.  ‘I honestly feel we couldn’t have done more to made our case strongly, clearly and professionally,’ adds Lembit.  ‘We now have to wait and see what the Panel concludes.’

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