MAG congratulates pro bike London Mayor Boris

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) congratulates Boris Johnson on his election as Mayor of London.

MAG has campaigned vigorously in London to ensure bikers are fully aware of all the mayoral candidate’s views on motorcycling, including their views on allowing motorcycles in bus lanes.

Boris Johnson has openly made a commitment to allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes. This marks a radical shift from the pervious Mayor who chose to ignore Transport for London’s own research which demonstrated a clear road safety benefit if motorcycles were to be allowed in bus lanes.

MAG Campaigns manager, David Short, says, ‘ MAG heartily congratulates Boris Johnson on his success and we look forward to working with his team to implement bikes in bus lanes and other policies which encourages motorcycling as a congestion busting and environmentally friendly transport option. I would like to emphasise that MAG will work positively with all politicians of all parties who promote policies which enhance motorcycling. However politicians should be mindful of the fact that bikers are voters, we should be listened to and our votes do count! I congratulate Gerard Livett, the London MAG regional representative, and his team for their hard work campaigning to ensure voters were fully aware of the mayoral candidate’s views on motorcycling issues.’