Positive engagement by MAG delivers results in Rye

MAG delivers results in Rye
image: John Minter/Rye News

Local MAG representatives deliver results in Rye, as proposals to close Strand Quay to motorcycles have been dismissed.

Strand Quay is a well-established gathering place for motorcycle riders enjoying the local roads around Rye and visiting the Sussex town.  Steve Mallett, MAG’s South East Regional Representative, engaged the town council and residents with the aim of ensuring that the views of legitimate riders were represented in discussions.

Easing of lockdown restrictions has seen bikers getting out and re-discovering their passion for riding.  But meanwhile, in many places, new complaints about noise and speeding have increased, and this now familiar pattern has been emerging in Rye.  The overwhelming majority of motorcyclists ride legally and responsibly, but unfortunately a minority choose to act in a way that leads to complaints.

MAG points out that noise and speeding are not only an issue with motorcyclists.  For example, a recent police speeding clampdown near Rye caught mainly car drivers.  It is noted that a tiny minority of riders endanger efforts to promote the image of motorcycling, but Steve Mallett and other MAG members will work with the local community to find solutions to the problems.

Rye Town Council approached MAG in early June, and Steve Mallett, along with Colin Brown, MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, joined a virtual meeting with Councillors in July.  Steve joined a further virtual council meeting on August 24th, and at this last meeting, Councillors voted against proposals to close Strand Quay to motorcyclists.


Ongoing initiatives

More importantly, ongoing initiatives have been agreed. Rye Town Council appreciates the business that bikers bring to the local economy and Rye does welcome motorcyclists. The issues of speeding and excessively loud exhausts need to be tackled, however.  Steve Mallett said:

“I found the whole process very positive. The council recognises that the behaviour of a minority should not affect all riders. We at MAG will do all we can to encourage riders to respect local residents. We will support a ‘Rye meets the bikers’ event that the Council is planning at some point in the future. Building mutual understanding and respect will be key.”

MAG Chair, Selina Lavender, said:

“Steve’s work shows that positive engagement is the forte of MAG groups. It is wonderful to see local MAG groups taking a progressive approach to dealing with such issues. Once again MAG has shown its value – not just to riders, but also to the wider community.”

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