MAG enters discussions on Manchester transport policy

MAG has become a contributor in the consultation in Manchester into what the city’s transport arrangements should look like in 25 years

MAG’s North West Regional Representative, Tony Cox, has highlighted the need to include motorcycles in the modal mix: ‘my role is to keep the current consultation on the future of transport focussed on facts, not fiction.  The current draft strategy – all 129 pages of it – does not contain a single line of policy about motorcycles.  The only mention of motorbikes is a plainly inaccurate claim that on average a powered two-wheeler produces almost exactly the same amount of carbon dioxide per passenger kilometre as a car, which is clearly wrong, as just about anyone who looks at the issue objectively can see.’

Tony is determined to ensure that data is used to assess all transport on a rational footing: ‘it helps no-one to make decisions on the basis of uninformed assumptions, because it leads to mistakes that then have to be put right later, costing more time, money, congestion and maybe accidents too.’  In this light, Tony is set to raise concerns about what it regards as an over-emphasis on walking and cycling: ‘for millions of people, cycling can never replace powered travel, whether public or private – and for many journeys it’s not the most time-efficient way and that matters for the economy. On the other hand, motorbikes, which hundreds of thousands of commuters in Greater Manchester use every day, do represent a practical alternative to four wheels.  I’m not against cycles – but I favour common sense, including motorbikes and scooters in the options which the consultation should embrace.’

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