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The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG UK) welcomes the MAG Foundations announcement of the publication of the first A to Z of Secure Bike Parking in Great Britain.

The secure parking booklet represents another milestone for the MAG Foundation and aims to provide information not just for riders, but for councils that do not provide secure parking for motorcycles or for those wanting to improve their existing facilities.

This first edition of the A to Z of Secure Bike Parking covers most of the towns and cities in Great Britain.

In order to gather this information, each council throughout the country was contacted and further details were provided by numerous other sources including

The booklet was compiled with riders in mind, to contribute to the fight against motorcycle theft.

David Short, Chief Superintendent of the North Yorkshire Police and Patron of the MAG Foundation comments: “Great steps have already been taken in advising local authorities to provide safe and secure parking areas in towns. The provision of CCTV and improved street lighting also adds to security. The more obstacles that are placed in the path of the criminal the more likely he is put off. This “target hardening” together with intelligence-led directed policing is having an impact on criminal gangs who are being brought to justice and their networks disrupted. I am proud to be a patron of the MAG Foundation and this secure parking handbook is an excellent initiative which will make an impact on motorcycle theft and will reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime”

From the 1st February 2006, details of the booklet can be viewed on the MAG Foundation website:

A to Z of Secure Bike Parking booklets are available now from the MAG Foundation (subject to postage and packaging), please contact Sarah Gardner Telephone: 01788 570450 E-mail:

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